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1. Pyrolysis: A Sustainable Approach for Energy Recovery from Waste Plastics and Tyres (A.K. Panda) Page:1-26
2. Processing of Some Metallurgical Industries Solid Waste to Recover Values (A.K. Tripathy) Page: 27-54
3. Overview of Ship Recycling Industries - Waste Generation & Environmental Management for Carrying out Secure and Eco-friendly Recycling (S. Budhraja, A. Jamal, V. Skaria, S Adak, S K Singh) Page: 55-68
4. An Assessment on Scope and Opportunity of Bio-ethanol Production in Odisha from Agricultural Residues) (D. M. Das, M. K. Mohanty, R. Toppo) Page: 69-76
5. Reduction of Deforestation, Degradation of Forest and Afforestation for Mitigation of Global Warming (A. K. Pattnaik) Page: 77-90