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1. Opportunities and Challenges in Harnessing Energy from Biomass (Prof. Dr. P. K. Jena) Page:1-19
2. Safety Aspects in Integrated Steel Plants - A Perspective (O. N. Mohanty) Page: 20-44
3. Value Addition of Agricultural Waste (M. K. Mohanty 1, D. M. Das 2) Page: 45-51
4. Geological Attributes of Graphite and its Importance in Material Science in the 21st Century (B. Lenka1, S. Goswami2 and M. Das3) Page: 52-61
5. Utilization and Potential Applications of By-products of Rice Processing (K. Rayaguru) Page: 62-71
6. Planning Municipal Solid Waste Management Strategy- An Approach (N. Sharma1, S.K. Singh2, B. Singh3, C.D. Goswami4) Page: 72-88