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1. Enforce High Priority to Adapt and Mitigate Climate Change (P. K. Jena) Page:1-15
2. Management and Utilization of Aluminium Industry Wastes - NALCO's Experience (B. K. Satpathy) Page: 16-30
3. Resource and Energy Conservation in Urban Housing Sector of the 21st Century - A 'Green Building' Approach (G. K. Roy) Page: 31-43
4. Role of Micro-organisms and Their Significance in Treatment of Minerals and Industrial Wastes for Metal Recovery (L. B. Sukla) Page: 44-57
5. Vulnerability Analysis of Fluoride Endemicity in Ground Water: A Case Study of Bolagarh Block in Khurda District of Odisha, India (K. C. Rath) Page: 58-65
6. Ground Water Scenario in India and Its Management Strategy (N. C. Nayak1, D. P.Pati2) Page: 66-74