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1. Technological Challenges on Low Grade Iron Ore Beneficiation and Pelletisation (S. K. Biswal) Page:1-24
2. Statistical Modelling of Recent Changes in Extreme Rainfall in Botswana (Kereeditse. C. Kabo, B. P. Parida, N.M. Sebusang and P.K. Kenabatho) Page: 25-55
3. Climate Resilient WaterManagement Options for Meeting Future Water Demand In India (GourangaKar, S.K.Ambast, P.S.B.Anand, M.Roychaudhuri, D.K.Panda, S.K.Ambast, A.Raviraj, H.D.Rank and P.K.Singh) Page: 56-79
4. SPELEOTHEM: A PALEOCLIMATIC INDICATOR (M. Sahoo, S. Bal and S. Goswami) Page: 80-85
5. Adoption of Better Technology for Flood and Drought Control (S. Behera) Page: 86-100