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1. Management of Resources with Zero Waste Approach (Part - I) Processing of Urban Solid Waste (P. K. Jena) Page: 1 – 13
2. Challenges to the growth of Indian Steel industry (R. C Gupta and O. P Sinha) Page: 14 – 37
3. Fusion - An Emerging Energy Option (I. S. Batra, N. Krishnamurthy and A. K. Suri) Page: 38 – 55
4. Studies on Dissolution of Pure MnO2 and Manganese Ores in Sulphuric Acid with Environmentally friendly nitrogen/ carbon based reductants (D. Hariprasad, M. Mohapatra*, S. Anand) Page: 56 – 72
5. Extremophiles - A Clue to Origin of Life and Biology of Other Planets (S. Goswami and M. Das) Page: 73 – 84