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1. Surfactant Mediated Nano Iron Oxides: Potential Adsorbent for Pb (II) Removal from Aqueous Solutions (M. Mohapatra, T. Das, P. Singh*, S. Anand, B.K. Mishra)
2. Use of CPR Pellets as Metallised Feed to Minimise Coke Rate & Enhance BF Productivity (R. C. Gupta)
3. Environmental Practices Adopted for Control of Pollution in DRI Plants of Orissa, India (A. K. Swar)
4. Production of Non-ferrous metals through Processing of their Lean Ores and Wastes (P. K. Jena)
5. Utilisation Prospects of Manganese Mine Waste – Manganese Wad (B. K. Mohapatra, S. Mishra and S. K. Singh)
6. Artificial Groundwater Recharge Techniques for Improving Groundwater Availability and Quality (M. J. Kaledhonkar, Ashwani Kumar and M. Raychaudhuri)