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1. Prevention and Management of Surface and Subsurface Water Logging (M.J. Kaledhonkar, A. Kumar and P.S.B. Anand) Page: 1-21
2. Recent Practices of Environmental Management in Thermal Power Plants (A. K. Swar, R. N. Prusty and R. Priyadashini) Page: 22-44
3. Role of Chlorine Metallurgy in Extraction of Metal Values from Minerals and Wastes (P. K. Jena) Page: 41-56
4. Agglomeration of Iron Ore Fines & Concentrates (A. K. Tripathy) Page: 57-79
5. Recovery of Iron Values from Plant Tailings by Physical Beneficiation (S. K. Biswal, A. S. Rana and N. Suresh) Page: 80-90