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1. Sustainability in Mining (Krishna Parameswaran)
2. Role of Microbial Technology in Mineral Processing (L. B. Sukla)
3. Role of Hydrometallurgy in Processing of Ores and Minerals & Recovering Metal Values from Wastes (P.K. Jena)
4. Advances in Aluminium Smelting (P. R. Choudhury, S. Nanda, M. R. Laik, and S. P. Mohapatra)
5. Processing Options for Secondary Resources of Refractory and Rare Earth Metals (N. Krishnamurthy and A. K. Suri)
6. Comparison of Feed forward and Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting River Flow at Gaborone Reservoir in Botswana (Ditiro B. Moalafhi, Bhagabat P. Parida* , Piet K. Kenabatho and N. Chaturvedi)
7. Improvements on Molten Salt Elecctrolytic Processes for Production of Magnesium and Sodium Metal (V. Ananth* and T. Selvin Devasahayam**)