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The Institute has R & D projects in areas of mineral processing, extraction of metal values from ores & minerals, development of special materials including nano composites and alloys, Treatment of industrial wastes and effluents, survey and assessment of water quality and environmental status.

 Besides in house R & D Programmes, the Institute has joint R & D Programmes with private and government organizations.

• Resource Management

Research & developmental studies on conservation and utilization of minerals, Energy and water resources are being carried out. Preparation and characterisation of special metals, materials and composites are being under taken.

• Environmental Studies

Field Studies on air, water and soil qualities in different mining and industrial sites are undertaken. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management Plan (EMP) studies for different mining and industrial units are being carried out.

Waste Processing

In order to conserve and judiciously utilized the natural resources, R&D Programmes are carried out on processing of mineral based industrial wastes and treatment of effluents to recover values.