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Author(s) interested in publishing their technical papers in the Quaterly Journal of Sustainable Planet (JSP) should send their papers along with a covering letter by email (jsp_iates10@yahoo.com) in MS word to the Executive Director, Institute of Advance Technology & Environmental Studies (IATES), 80A – 81A, Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar – 751002, India. The papers should be on the R & D work or a review in the areas of conservation and development of natural resources like mining of minerals, mineral processing, process metallurgy, water resource, forest, soil and ocean, industrial waste management, environmental management etc. Submission of a paper should imply that it has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The auditor(s) will be required to submit the copyright forms, if the paper is accepted for publication.

Title of the paper should be short and specific. Below the title of the paper, the initial and surname(s) of the authors and full address including email address, telephone number should be given. The name of the corresponding author with email address and telephone number should be mentioned separately. The abstract should indicate the scope of the work, the principal findings and main keywords of the paper. It shoud not exceed 200 words.

Data which are primary in nature and essential for understanding the results and discussion and the salient conclusion emerging from the study should be included in the paper. Column headings should be brief, units of measurements should be abbreviated and placed below the headings (in all cases unit should be in SI based unit). Tables, figures and illustrations should be refered and numbered in the text.

References to the cited papers are to be numbered and conjucatively placed at the end of the paper. In the text, these should be indicated by superscript number in sequence. References to a research paper should have surname followed by initials of the authors, followed by title of the periodical in full / abbreviatated form in italics, the volume number, the year and the page number (e,g Newnham, R.H., Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, vol. 22, 1992, pp. 166 – 224). Reference to a book or proceedings of conferences/symposia etc., should include in the following order, Surname and initial of the authors, the title of the book or conference, name of publisher and place of publication and the year e.g (S. K. Biswal, P. S. R. Reddy, S. K. Bhaumik, S. Prakash and B. Das, “Enhancing Flotability of Non – Coking Coal”, International Series on Chemical Engineering, Utilisation of Natural Resources, Edited by H. S. Ray and A. K. Mishra, Published by Wilfey Eastern Ltd., India, 1994, pp. 12 – 21.)

All technical papers will be peer reviewed. After peer reviewed the corresponding author will be contacted through e-mail to make necessary corrections, addition and alterations etc. The authors are fully responsible for the results and the views given in their technical papers / review.